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The White House is set to announce a new plan in partnership with 21 other states to modernize the US power grid.

Under this new initiative, states with Democratic governors will prioritize electric grid modernization efforts to enhance capacity and efficiency. These states will explore ways to expand transmission capacity through both legislative and executive actions. In support, the biden administration will provide technical assistance and loan programs to aid these modernization efforts.

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This comes as the reliability of the United States electrical grid remains a significant concern among lawmakers and voters. Various issues, including cyber threat warnings to US infrastructure and recent storms that have left hundreds of thousands without power in Texas, stress the urgent need for action. Congressional action on this issue has stalled, with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer acknowledging the difficulty of passing transmission reforms due to opposition from the House GOP majority.

The Biden administration has also sought to achieve a carbon-neutral grid by 2035, requiring extensive upgrades to the nation’s electrical transmission infrastructure. This modernization is vital to handle the increase in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, which have led to a “backlog” of about 2,600 gigawatts of energy waiting to be integrated into the grid.


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