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According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has significantly increased its supply of enriched uranium in recent months, raising concerns among international observers.

The latest confidential report from the IAEA, obtained by news agencies such as The Associated Press and Reuters, indicates that Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium has grown substantially since February. Specifically, Iran now possesses 313.2 pounds of uranium enriched to 60% purity, up from 267.8 pounds earlier this year. While uranium needs to be enriched to 90% to be considered weapons-grade, 42 kilograms of uranium at 60 percent purity could theoretically be enough to produce one atomic weapon if further enriched.

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Additionally, the IAEA report notes a significant increase in Iran’s overall stockpile of enriched uranium, which reached 13,671.5 pounds by May 11 (an increase from the 12,182 pounds recorded back in February). The fluctuations in Iran’s stockpile levels have been attributed to various factors, including diluting higher-grade uranium with lower-grade materials.

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The ongoing increase in enriched uranium stockpiles coincides with Iran’s intensified efforts to pressure the international community to lift sanctions related to its nuclear program. Iran maintains that its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes, but the growing stockpile has prompted experts to warn that Iran could potentially produce multiple nuclear weapons if the uranium is further enriched.


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