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South Korea’s military has announced that it has reason to believe North Korea is preparing to launch a second military reconnaissance satellite.

On Friday, South Korea’s military reported detecting signs of potential satellite launch preparations in North Korea. The preparations, identified at the Dongchang-ri site, are being closely monitored by South Korean and US intelligence agencies. This site, located in the northwest, houses North Korea’s primary space flight center.

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This development comes after North Korea successfully launched its first spy satellite, claiming that it captured images of the White House and the Pentagon. Despite these assertions, state media has not published any of the photos. 

The launch triggered sanctions from the United States and its allies, leading Seoul to suspend a military agreement with Pyongyang in 2018 partially. In retaliation, North Korea dismantled the agreement and rebuilt previously demolished guard posts along the border.

 North Korea has justified its satellite initiatives as a self-defense measure and has criticized the US for what it calls a “double standard” in condemning Pyongyang’s actions while accepting South Korea’s similar endeavors.


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