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The United States is currently preparing a $275 million military aid package for Ukraine. This package includes 155mm artillery shells and precision aerial munitions. 

In addition to munitions, the package also includes vehicles designed for recovering disabled tanks and heavy equipment from the battlefield.  

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The forthcoming aid, expected to be announced on Friday, will be funded through the Presidential Drawdown Authority. This mechanism allows the president to transfer military supplies and services from US stockpiles without needing specific congressional approval during emergencies.  

The $275 million package is part of a larger $95 billion aid initiative, with Congress having previously authorized $60.8 billion in various forms of assistance to Ukraine. This included $8 billion worth of items allocated through the presidential drawdown authority.

This comes as Russian forces have been relentlessly bombarding the northeastern city of Kharkiv for months. On May 10, they launched a ground offensive into the northern region surrounding the city. However, Kyiv reports that this offensive has currently stalled on two fronts.


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