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According to the Pentagon, none of the aid transported via a US-built pier in Gaza has been distributed to Palestinians yet.

Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, spokesperson for the Department of Defense, reported on Tuesday that 569 metric tons of aid from various countries have been delivered across the temporary pier, with more shipments on the way. Ryder noted that the aid is currently in Gaza, awaiting distribution by humanitarian partners.

This news comes after the World Food Program halted aid deliveries over the weekend. Security concerns arose from people swarming trucks carrying aid. The organization warned that the $320 million pier could fail if Israel does not provide the necessary conditions for humanitarian operations to proceed safely. 

During the press briefing, Ryder emphasized the importance of the “safety and security” of aid workers and pledged continued collaboration with the international community to ensure these conditions are met. Ryder added that aid distribution could begin in “the coming days.” 


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