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America’s top General has told reporters that the US has no intention of sending military trainers into Ukraine until the conflict with Russia concludes. 

This statement from General Charles Q. Brown, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, comes amid ongoing discussions about Western support for Kyiv, following a suggestion by France to send troops for training purposes.


“Right now, there are no plans to bring US trainers into Ukraine,” General Brown confirmed to the press. He indicated that military trainers might be considered only after the conflict has ended, stating, “Once this conflict is over and we’re in a better place, then I would suspect we would be able to bring trainers back in.”

This development comes as Russian forces are gradually advancing in eastern Ukraine, capitalizing on Ukraine’s shortages of manpower and the delays in Western arms supplies. These developments have sparked debates on what further measures the United States and its allies could take beyond providing weapons, intelligence, and external military training.

Before Russia’s invasion in February 2022, the United States had stationed around 150 military trainers in Ukraine. In contrast, French President Emmanuel Macron recently suggested the possibility of European nations sending troops to train Ukrainian forces. However, this proposal has met with resistance from other European leaders, and Macron’s administration clarified that any such deployments would be for specific needs rather than direct involvement in the conflict.


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