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President Biden’s son, Hunter, has accused Fox News of dehumanizing him due to his struggles with drug addiction.

Hunter Biden, often at the center of political controversy and media scrutiny, expressed his frustration with Fox News, alleging the network’s coverage has gone beyond mere reporting to dehumanizing him and, by extension, all individuals battling addiction.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Biden emphasized that while his addiction does not excuse his past behavior, it also does not justify the network’s treatment of him. He said, “I’m not saying my addiction is an excuse for my bad behavior. What I’m saying is that my addiction is not an excuse for them to dehumanize me — and in doing so dehumanize everybody from the addict that you pass it on the street, to the one that you live with.”

In a legal letter to Fox News, Biden threatened to sue the network for allegedly collaborating with allies of former President Trump and pro-Russia entities to defame him and exploit his image for profit. He claims that Fox has used his personal struggles as a means to damage his father’s political career, demanding written retractions and on-air apologies for their stories. Biden’s lawyers indicated they would file a formal lawsuit imminently.

Fox News responded by pointing to their “constitutionally protected” coverage of Biden as a public figure. A spokesperson referenced Hunter Biden’s various legal troubles and investigations, asserting that their reporting was in line with First Amendment rights. They defended their coverage as accurate and necessary given the public interest in Biden’s actions.


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