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According to authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a violent clash in the capital, Kinshasa, has left three people dead following an attack on the residence of a prominent politician. The incident, described by the military as an attempted coup, unfolded early on Sunday.

The attack targeted the home of Vital Kamerhe, a federal legislator and candidate for speaker of the National Assembly. The assailants, dressed in military uniforms, engaged in a shootout with Kamerhe’s guards, resulting in the deaths of two police officers and one attacker. Kamerhe’s spokesperson, Michel Moto Muhima, confirmed on social media that Kamerhe and his family were unharmed.

Brigadier General Sylvain Ekenge, speaking in a televised address, announced that the assailants had been apprehended and the coup attempt was quickly suppressed by Congolese defense and security forces. He emphasized that the situation was now under control, and most of the arrested individuals were either foreigners or Congolese living abroad, some possessing US and Canadian passports.


Local media initially identified the attackers as Congolese soldiers but later linked them to Christian Malanga, an opposition leader in self-exile. Malanga appeared in a live-streamed video with individuals in military attire, threatening President Felix Tshisekedi. This event has raised concerns among the local population about the security breaches that allowed the assailants to target a high-profile government official in a secured area.

The incident coincided with a political crisis within President Tshisekedi’s ruling party, the Sacred Union of the Nation, over the delayed parliamentary leadership election. In response, Tshisekedi warned of potential dissolution of the National Assembly if internal conflicts persisted. 

The US embassy in DR Congo issued a security alert, urging caution in response to the gunfire reports.


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