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Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D-CO) has criticized President Biden’s decision to impose new tariffs on imports from China. 

In a statement, Governor Polis expressed significant concerns, particularly about the impact on American consumers and the clean energy sector. He said, “This is horrible news for American consumers and a major setback for clean energy. Tariffs are a direct, regressive tax on Americans and this tax increase will hit every family.”

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The tariffs on Chinese EV imports will increase dramatically from 25% to 100%, aiming to curb Beijing’s export initiatives. Meanwhile, tariffs on solar panels are set to rise from 25% to 50%.

These tariff adjustments are part of a broader strategy to challenge China’s dominance in solar production, which commands approximately 70% of the global market. Initially implemented in 2018 under President Trump, the solar panel tariffs were extended by President Biden in 2022. The EV tariffs were introduced following President Biden’s directive for an investigation into Chinese-made vehicles with internet connectivity, which began in February.


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