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A top Iranian official has warned that they will change their nuclear doctrine if Israel threatens its existence. 

Kamal Kharrazi, an adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, “We have no decision to build a nuclear bomb but should Iran’s existence be threatened, there will be no choice but to change our military doctrine.” He added, “In the case of an attack on our nuclear facilities by the Zionist regime, our deterrence will change.” 

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This statement comes as ongoing tensions over Iran’s controversial nuclear ambitions, which Tehran insists are solely for peaceful purposes. Despite these assurances, the international community remains skeptical, attributing potential weaponization motives to Iran’s nuclear advancements. It also comes against the backdrop of Iran enriching uranium to 60% purity, a significant step closer to weapons-grade material, intensifying global concern over the true intent of Iran’s nuclear program.

Historically, Iran has maintained that its nuclear program is not aimed at developing nuclear weapons. Ayatollah Khamenei himself has issued a fatwa against the production of nuclear arms, reinforcing this stance as recently as 2019 by declaring nuclear armament “wrong” and “haram” (religiously forbidden). However, the discourse shifted slightly in 2021 when Iran’s intelligence minister hinted that Western pressures could pivot Tehran’s approach toward nuclear capabilities.

The dynamics of Iran-Israel relations took a dramatic turn in April, with both nations engaging directly in hostilities. This confrontation was marked by Iran’s missile and drone assault on Israeli territories, purportedly in retaliation against an Israeli strike in Damascus.  


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