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Officials in New York City have announced that the Department of Corrections is suspending the use of body-worn cameras after one camera caught fire last week.

According to officials, a captain at Rikers Island suffered burns and smoke inhalation after her camera unexpectedly ignited. She was promptly taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment. The fire’s specific cause is under investigation in collaboration with the camera’s manufacturer.

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In a statement, Corrections Commissioner Lynelle Maginley-Liddie said, “The safety of our staff is paramount, which is why I am removing all body-worn cameras from service out of an abundance of caution while we investigate how and why this incident occurred.”

This is not the first time such malfunctions have occurred in New York City’s law enforcement history. In 2018, the NYPD discontinued the use of the Vievu model LE-5 body camera after one unit started smoking and exploded shortly after an officer removed it. Another issue occurred in 2021 with the Axon AB2 model cameras. An officer had to remove his camera because it began to smoke. 


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