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A Chinese foreign exchange student has been sentenced to nine months in prison after harassing an individual who was advocating for democracy in China. 

Xiaolei Wu, a 26-year-old music student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, faced charges for targeting a fellow student and activist known as “Zooey.” This incident occurred after Zooey had put posters on campus advocating for democracy in China, which Wu opposed by threatening and cyberstalking her.

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Wu’s actions included threats made over WeChat, a social media platform, where he warned the victim of severe physical harm and reported her activities to a Chinese public security agency. 

Prosecutors argued for a much harsher sentence of nearly three years to emphasize the US stance against foreign suppression of free speech. However, Judge Denise Casper opted for a shorter term of nine months, citing Wu’s brief actions—lasting only two days—and his clean prior record. 

In a courtroom statement, Wu expressed remorse for his actions, apologizing to Zooey and recognizing the need to take responsibility for his “reckless behavior.” His sentence also includes plans for deportation after his prison term. 


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