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The Biden administration has already begun preparing a new military aid package valued at approximately $1 billion for Ukraine. 

Speaking to Reuters, officials said the upcoming announcement would include air defenses, Bradleys, potentially older Humvees, and M113 armored personnel carriers. This package’s preparation follows previous aid provisions, with this new tranche significantly more significant than the $300 million allocated in March.

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The timing of this assistance aligns with the Senate’s decision to pause its recess to initiate votes on legislation that would secure a total of $95 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. This legislative push, primarily driven by calls to support Ukraine, includes over $60+ billion specifically earmarked for the country, with plans to deploy the resources rapidly.

Further support measures discussed include the potential deployment of up to 60 additional US military advisers to Kyiv. These advisers would assist with weapon transfers, logistics, and provide advisory support to the Ukrainian government.  


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