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A top Senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee has said that the United States will begin shipping long-range missiles to Ukraine next week as long as the Senate gets the recently passed Ukraine funding bill to President Biden’s desk.

Senator Mark Warner said, “I hope once the President signs, we’ve been told that it is the President’s signature, making sure Congress does its job that these materials will be in transit by the end of the week.” Senator Warner continued, “And on that schedule, what it will do is it’s clearly been the case that the Ukrainian’s morale has been great, but it’s been undermined over the last couple of months, when they have been literally given out rationed bullets, eight to 10 bullets a day. And on artillery shells, Russians ten to one, you can’t underestimate that Ukrainians’ grit, determination, but if they don’t have the materials, they can’t carry this fight to the Russians.”


This comes after the House recently passed a foreign aid package, which is now awaiting Senate approval and earmarks about $61 billion for Ukraine. This package also contains $26 billion for Israel and $8 billion for allies in the Indo-Pacific, along with national security measures, including a potential ban on the TikTok app.

Despite a poll last year showing roughly 45% of Americans believe the United States is providing too much aid to Ukraine, Senator Warner stressed that the strategic implications of not giving aid were far worse.


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