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Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is officially asking Republican candidates and committees to share some of their fundraising hauls. 

The Trump campaign is targeting GOP candidates and committees utilizing Trump’s name, image, or likeness in their fundraising efforts. A recent letter from campaign co-chairs Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles called for these groups to contribute at least 5% of their fundraising earnings to Trump’s joint fundraising committee.

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This request follows concerns about the use of Trump’s branding, possibly misleading donors. The co-chairs emphasized that contributing more than the suggested 5% would be favorably viewed by both Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC). They encouraged a higher contribution as a sign of goodwill and alignment with Trump’s campaign strategies.

LaCivita and Wiles provided specific instructions to avoid language that could falsely imply Trump’s endorsement or mimic the campaign’s messaging style. They warned that non-compliance could lead to severed business relations and suspension of agreements, such as list rental arrangements, underscoring the seriousness of adhering to the campaign’s guidelines.


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