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Germany has announced the arrest of two German-Russian dual nationals suspected of planning sabotage attacks on US military installations in the country. 

The arrests, aimed at disrupting Western military aid to Ukraine, were made in Bayreuth, Bavaria, where the suspects’ homes and workplaces were searched. German prosecutors revealed on Thursday that the individuals, identified only as Dieter S and Alexander J, were allegedly working for a foreign intelligence service.


According to investigators, Dieter had been communicating with a contact linked to the Russian secret service since October last year. His preparations included potential explosive and arson attacks targeting military and industrial facilities, particularly those used by the US military. From March 2024, Alexander began to assist Dieter, gathering and exchanging sensitive information.

Both individuals reportedly surveyed several potential targets, documenting military transports and related assets. Their activities included taking photographs and videos, which were then forwarded to their Russian contact. Among the targeted locations was the Grafenwoehr army base, a key site where Ukrainian forces are trained on US Abrams tanks.

Dieter’s involvement extended beyond espionage. He previously participated in combat operations in Eastern Ukraine as part of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) forces, a group backed by Moscow and later annexed by Russia in 2022. This engagement has led to an additional charge against him for belonging to a “foreign terrorist organization.”

The timing of the arrests coincides with increased military support from Germany to Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict with Russia. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated, “Our security authorities have prevented possible explosive attacks that were intended to target and undermine our military assistance to Ukraine. It is a particularly serious case of alleged spy activity for Putin’s criminal regime.”


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