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The President of the Philippines has announced that he has no plans to allow the United States access to more military bases in the country.

During a forum with foreign correspondents in Manila, Marcos responded to concerns about China labeling the US presence “provocative” in nature. He said, “The Philippines has no plans to create any more bases or give access to any more bases.” He emphasized that the presence of US troops is a direct response to Chinese aggressions, such as harassment by coast guard vessels and barriers preventing access to areas within the Philippine economic zone.

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Last year, the US was granted access to four additional Philippine military bases, a move that aligns with the Biden administration’s efforts to strengthen security alliances across Asia to counter Chinese influence. However, the expansion, which placed two new sites near Taiwan and southern China, drew sharp criticism from Beijing, accusing the Philippines of providing staging grounds for American forces that could threaten Chinese security.

While speaking with reporters, Marcos also discussed incidents involving Chinese forces using water cannons and lasers against Filipino vessels, and obstructions faced by local fishermen. He said, “It is crucial that the media … continue to expose these actions that not only threaten the peace and stability of the region but also undermine the rules-based order that has underpinned global development and prosperity over the previous century.”

This all comes as President Biden recently reaffirmed the US’s commitment to defending its Pacific allies, including the Philippines, under the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty.


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