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The US military has intercepted Iranian drones aimed at Israel, confirmed a US defense official.

The ongoing US military operations involve shooting down drones launched by Iran, as the US forces are prepared to offer further defensive support while safeguarding American troops in the area.


Following an Israeli strike in Damascus last week that targeted an Iranian consulate, Iran retaliated by launching a series of drones and missiles at Israel. The US had strategically positioned its forces in anticipation of Iran’s response, which was expected after Tehran issued public threats. The attacks commenced late Saturday night and have continued, prompting widespread alarm across Israel.

Sirens have been reported from northern to southern Israel as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) mobilize to counter the threats. The defense measures include deploying fighter jets and the Iron Dome air defense system. In addition, the Jordanian and UK Air Force have been involved in taking down Iranian missiles and drones.

Amid these developments, Iranian media claims that seven missiles hit the Ramon Air Force base in southern Israel, although the IDF has not provided comments on these reports.


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