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A former United States diplomat, Victor Manuel Rocha, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after admitting to being a covert agent for Cuba for over four decades.

Rocha, who is 78, was arrested last December at his home in Miami and charged with espionage that began in 1981 at the beginning of his diplomatic career. His activities supported Cuba’s intelligence efforts against the United States throughout his 20-year tenure at the US Department of State.

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During an undercover operation, an FBI agent posing as a Cuban intelligence officer named “Miguel” provoked a confession from Rocha. Recorded conversations revealed Rocha praising Fidel Castro and detailing his deep involvement in espionage activities. He was quoted saying, “What we have done … it’s enormous … more than a Grand Slam.”

At a press conference, David Newman, a senior national security official at the U.S. Justice Department, emphasized the gravity of the betrayal: “Today’s plea brings an end to more than four decades of betrayal and deceit by Mr. Rocha.”

The US Department of Justice described his actions as one of the most significant and enduring breaches of US government security.


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