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Senior officials within the Biden administration are reportedly apprehensive about Israel’s immediate responses to the Iranian attack, especially given the recent dynamics with Iran and the ongoing war with Hamas. These worries are rooted in recent Israeli military actions, including the strike on a building in Damascus that killed a top Iranian commander last week.

According to NBC, the unease is echoed at the highest levels within the US government, with President Joe Biden reportedly skeptical of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s intentions regarding US involvement. According to sources familiar with Biden’s views, there is a fear that Netanyahu may be seeking to entangle the US further into a widespread conflict.

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This sentiment is based on actions including Israel’s strike on the Iranian consular building in Syria, which US officials have criticized for lacking a clear strategy. A senior administration official criticized the strategic planning behind Israel’s military decisions, suggesting that “the Israelis don’t always make the best strategic decisions.”

Pentagon leaders have also expressed dissatisfaction with the timing and implications of the Damascus strike, describing it as “catastrophically escalatory.”


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