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In Hungary, tens of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in Budapest, voicing their dissatisfaction with the current government.

Led by Peter Magyar, a former government insider and critic, the demonstration marked a significant challenge to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s leadership. Standing before a packed square near the parliament, Magyar announced the formation of a new political community aimed at bridging the divide between conservatives and liberals disappointed by the government’s actions and the opposition’s fragmentation.

During the protest, Magyar said, “Step by step, brick by brick, we are taking back our homeland and building a new country, a sovereign, modern, European Hungary.” This sentiment echoed among the more than 10,000 participants, making it the largest political demonstration in recent years. Protestors, brandishing national flags and chanting for Orban’s resignation, expressed a strong desire for change.

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Magyar’s rise to prominence followed his disclosure of corruption within Orban’s administration. Earlier last month, Magyar released a recording implicating top officials in corrupt activities. The recording revealed that aides of Orban’s chief of staff had interacted with a high-profile corruption prosecution case. This ultimately resulted in Orbán allies, including Justice Minister Judit Varga, resigning after public outrage.

Hungary’s government has labeled Magyar as an “opportunist” seeking to divide the nation. They’ve also criticized his past, including various career changes in state companies.


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