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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis redirected a significant portion of the state’s gambling revenues toward enhancing its environmental conservation efforts.

This initiative earmarks 96% of the income from the Seminole Tribe Compact—a key agreement that sanctions online sports betting and casino operations by the tribe—for the enhancement of water quality and the protection of wildlife habitats.

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The legislation, identified as Senate Bill 1638, will set aside $200 million for the acquisition and management of land within a protected wildlife corridor. This corridor aims to safeguard Florida’s diverse ecosystems and address the challenge of invasive species, which pose a threat to the native flora and fauna. The law will also ensure that either 26% of the gaming revenues or $100 million, whichever is lower, is dedicated next year to these environmental protection efforts.

Governor DeSantis praised the law for its potential to make a significant impact on the state’s natural resources. “This revenue stream will further enhance our efforts to conserve our natural resources, protect our waterways, and make our ecological infrastructure more resilient,” he stated.

Digging Deeper:
The Seminole Tribe Compact, finalized in 2021, is projected to bring about $6 billion in revenue to the state by the end of this decade.


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