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China has vowed to increase its imports of high-quality products and services from France, signaling a potential easing of tensions following a European investigation into Chinese electric vehicle (EV) exports.

During a press conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, alongside his French counterpart Stephane Sejourne, emphasized the desire for a fair approach to Europe’s de-risking policy, stressing it should not target specific countries or breach World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. He added, “We are constantly relaxing market access, including promoting the flow of cross-border data.”

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Wang also expressed concerns over the idea of decoupling from China, describing it as “the biggest risk.” Sejourne reassured that France’s ongoing dialogues on de-risking with China do not imply that the European Union (EU) will adopt “protectionist policies.” This comes against the backdrop of Europe’s strategy to lessen its dependence on China, aiming to preserve its industrial competitiveness.

The context for these discussions stems from last year’s action by the European Commission, which kicked off an investigation into the Chinese EV sector over concerns about unfair subsidies. The inquiry seeks to determine whether higher tariffs on Chinese EV imports to safeguard European manufacturers are necessary, a move France has encouraged. In retaliation, China began probing European brandy imports, predominantly from France, for anti-dumping in January.


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