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Taiwan has introduced two new navy ships to its fleet, aiming to bolster its defenses against China’s increasing military activities around the island.

The Tuo Chiang class corvettes, notable for their stealth capabilities, are part of Taiwan’s effort to enhance its naval power with domestically produced vessels. Despite their modest size, each capable of carrying just 41 sailors and officers, these ships are designed for speed and agility and equipped with various missiles and deck guns to counter larger adversary vessels.


In a statement, President Tsai Ing-wen said, “This move reflects our commitment to revitalizing Taiwan’s defense industries. In addition, Tsai’s administration has accelerated the production of other defense assets, including trainer jets and the island’s first domestically built submarines, despite facing political resistance.

Taiwan’s military additions come as a response to China’s assertive posture, which includes frequent naval and air force missions around the island. China, claiming Taiwan as part of its territory, has not shied away from expressing its territorial ambitions, even if it means annexation by force.

Some history for you:
The historical context is complex; Taiwan was under Chinese colonization in the 1600s, became a Japanese colony, and then reverted to the Republic of China after World War II. The island split from mainland China following the Chinese Civil War in 1949, setting the stage for ongoing tensions.


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