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Australia has pledged $3 billion to aid in the construction of nuclear-powered submarines, marking a significant step in the AUKUS alliance with the United Kingdom and the United States.

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles, British counterpart Grant Shapps, a US ambassador, and foreign ministers from both countries highlighted the initiative’s rapid progress during their visit to an Australian shipyard. Marles said, “The three governments involved here are working at pace to make this happen.”


Shapps acknowledged the substantial investment required and stressed the necessity of the program in today’s world. He said, “Nuclear-powered submarines are not cheap, but we live in a much more dangerous world. We are seeing a much more assertive region with China, a much more dangerous world all around with what’s happening in the Middle East and Europe.”

Marles also noted the significant capability of having nuclear power submarines, saying, “There is no country in the world which has obtained the capability to build nuclear-powered submarines, which has then turned that capability off.”

Nuclear-powered submarines are quieter and more stealthy, which would make them a significant advancement over Australia’s current diesel-operated fleet.


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