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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently directed live-fire exercises showcasing “newly-equipped super-large” multiple rocket launchers. This military drill comes on the heels of South Korea and Japan reporting the launch of several short-range ballistic missiles by North Korea, marking its first such activity in approximately two months.

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the objective of these drills was to evaluate the “real war capabilities” of the 600-millimeter multiple rocket launchers through various exercises.

Kim Jong Un emphasized the importance of these launchers as a central element in the country’s war preparedness, stating that they should effectively fulfill their role in deterring and, if necessary, engaging in warfare to neutralize potential threats. He also highlighted the need for constant readiness to target and dismantle the “enemy’s” capital and military infrastructure.

The international community, particularly Seoul and Washington, has closely monitored these developments, recognizing the launchers as KN-25 short-range ballistic missiles. Such missile tests are prohibited under international sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.


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