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Gunmen in Nigeria’s Kaduna state have kidnapped at least 87 people, including women and children, in a recent attack.

Kaduna police spokesman Mansur Hassan acknowledged the situation and reported the attack occurred in Kajuru Station village on Sunday night. Although the exact number of those missing remains uncertain, efforts by security agents to rescue the villagers are underway.


The village head, Tanko Wada Sarkin, said, “We have so far recorded the return of five people back home who fled through the bush. This attack makes it five times that these bandits are attacking this community.” According to residents, the attackers, who were dressed in army uniforms, managed to enter the village unnoticed by leaving their motorcycles outside the village limits.

Haruna Atiku, a villager whose wife and two daughters were kidnapped, recounted the sudden appearance of the attackers, saying, “We were outside our homes chatting around 10:30 p.m., and suddenly bandits appeared, beating and shooting.”


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