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Chinese military and state-run media have accused the United States of endangering global security following the revelation that SpaceX, a company founded by Elon Musk, is constructing hundreds of spy satellites for an American intelligence agency.


On social media, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)-affiliated account, Junzhengping, criticized the United States for its “shamelessness and double standards.” The account, with over a million followers, made a direct appeal to US companies, urging them not to assist in wrongful deeds. This statement reflects China’s concern over the potential threats these developments pose, advocating for global vigilance against the security risks introduced by the US government.

Wang Yanan, the chief editor of Aerospace Knowledge magazine, said, “The United States’ high-profile intelligence reconnaissance of countries or regions it is concerned about will inevitably cause some hot issues to become more sensitive or even escalate.” He added that the program would pose “a challenge to global security and stability.” Despite the heavy implications, neither the social media critique nor state-controlled media directly mentioned Elon Musk or his business ventures in China, including Tesla.

This all comes as the NRO has confirmed its role in developing space-based surveillance systems but remains tight-lipped about the details of SpaceX’s participation. SpaceX, leading the charge as the world’s largest satellite operator, has yet to comment on the contract.


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