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In a significant meeting at the White House on St. Patrick’s Day, President Joe Biden and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar discussed the urgent need for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

According to a readout, Varadkar expressed a strong desire to engage with Biden on Gaza, emphasizing the importance of a ceasefire to allow for the provision of essential supplies and the safe exit of hostages. He said, “You know, my view that we need to have a ceasefire as soon as possible to get food and medicine in, to get the hostages out.” President Biden replied, saying, “I agree.” The dialogue also included discussions on long-term peace solutions, with Varadkar highlighting the need for a two-state resolution as the sole path to enduring peace and security.

The call for action comes amidst mounting pressure from both the US and Ireland for Israel to agree to a ceasefire. This push aims to facilitate the release of hostages from Hamas and ensure that vital humanitarian aid reaches the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In response to the crisis, Biden has outlined steps the United States is taking to mitigate the situation, including air-dropping humanitarian aid and constructing a temporary pier to expedite the delivery of supplies to Gaza.


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