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According to the Russian Defense Ministry, an attempted incursion by hundreds of armed Russians from Ukraine into Russia was thwarted by the country’s military.

The attackers, claiming to be anti-Kremlin Russian citizens and asserting their independence from the Ukrainian military and government, were accused by Moscow of being orchestrated by Kyiv. The ministry reported that its forces neutralized 234 fighters during the clash.

Russian defense officials detailed how the “Kyiv regime” operation to breach the border territory in the Belgorod and Kursk regions was intercepted. The attacking group, which suffered significant losses, was equipped with tanks and armored vehicles but was successfully repelled, leaving the state border uncompromised. Furthermore, the Russian military claimed the destruction of seven tanks and three American-built Bradley fighting vehicles during the confrontation.

The timing of the attack precedes the upcoming Russian elections and occurs amidst Ukraine’s appeals for increased military support from Western allies. Alexei Baranovsky, a spokesperson for the Freedom of Russia Legion, said that this operation marks the beginning of a series of actions planned to coincide with the election week, aiming to divert Russian military efforts and bolster Ukraine’s defense.

This incident follows a similar attack last May by Russian nationals, capturing a Belgorod border crossing momentarily.


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