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The US Marshals Service has formally requested $38 million from Congress to fund two new initiatives designed to enhance the security of federal judges and Supreme Court justices following an uptick in threats.

This request is embedded in the Department of Justice’s budget proposal for the fiscal year 2025 and is part of the Marshals Service’s broader $4 billion budget request set to start on October 1. A significant portion, $28.1 million, is allocated for establishing an Office of Protective Services within the Judicial Security Division, tasked with safeguarding over 2,700 sitting judges and managing courthouse security. This new office aims to strengthen the protective framework for the judiciary, including the Supreme Court, by adding 53 new positions.

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Amid rising concerns over judges’ safety, threats have notably increased. A Reuters investigation highlighted a jump in threats and intimidation against judges, with serious threats escalating to 457 in the 2023 fiscal year, up from 224 in 2021. In response, the Marshals Service also proposes a $10 million grant program to help state and local governments protect judges’ personal information from public disclosure.

The request for additional funding comes as the judiciary is also seeking significant security investments, with the Supreme Court alone requesting $19.4 million to bolster its security operations. These measures, including the expansion of the Supreme Court Police’s role, aim to address the heightened security needs following recent judicial decisions and incidents, such as the 2022 attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


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