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According to a statement from the French Presidency on Sunday, President Emmanuel Macron’s upcoming visit to Ukraine has been officially rescheduled. This marks the third postponement of the trip since initial plans were made in February.

The visit, initially set for February and then planned for early March, has been pushed to a later date yet again. “The two heads of state agreed to remain in close contact, notably regarding the president’s visit to Ukraine, which should happen in the coming weeks,” the French presidency communicated following a phone call between the two leaders on Sunday. This latest postponement occurred just days after a Russian missile narrowly missed Ukraine’s president and the Greek prime minister in Odesa, a city Macron had also planned to visit.

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Zelenskyy pictured with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Odesa

This all comes as Macron has taken a firmer stance against Russia, condemning its “aggression” towards France and Europe and emphasizing the necessity of Russia’s defeat in Ukraine.

Last week, President Macron publicly advocated for increased European support for Ukraine and even suggesting that NATO troops could be deployed into the country. Following those remarks, the French foreign ministry clarified that if troops were sent to Ukraine, they would have non-combat roles, including demining and transporting aid. These comments led to mixed reactions from NATO members, some offering to possibly support the initiative while others refused to send troops into Ukraine.


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