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The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) will shift from a long-standing tradition by not presenting a detailed overview of its fiscal 2025 budget during the upcoming presidential spending request announcement on March 11. This marks a significant shift in the agency’s approach to budget transparency.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Heath Collins, MDA’s director, said, “the agency was told by the Pentagon it would not conduct its usual briefing as part of Monday’s formal rollout.” He suggested any further questions should be directed to the Defense Department.

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Collins further mentioned his team’s efforts to identify alternative means to communicate the budget request details, ensuring they would “still make sure” to “get the appropriate information out.”

Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood refrained from confirming these changes directly, stating, “We will not preview content or briefers before the president’s budget release. The undersecretary of defense (comptroller)/chief financial officer will decide which departments and agencies brief their respective budgets during the DoD budget rollout press conference.”


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