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In a recent legislative move, the House approved a bill mandating the detention of migrants convicted of burglary or theft.

The legislation, named the Laken Riley Act, was approved by a 251-170 vote. This move by the House Republicans seeks to address concerns around border security and immigration, which have become increasingly significant in the political arena, especially as the 2024 elections approach.


Named after Laken Riley, a Georgia student whose death has been attributed to an undocumented immigrant, the bill’s passage occurred shortly before President Biden’s State of the Union address. Following the bill’s vote, Speaker Mike Johnson said, “Innocent Americans from Laken Riley in Georgia to the 14-year-old rape victim of an illegal immigrant in our home state of Louisiana, they’ve all been victimized by those whom the Biden administration has released into our country. He is releasing them into your state.”

Meanwhile, Democrats have accused Republicans of exploiting the tragedy for political gain. Rep. Jerry Nadler expressed his concerns on the House floor, noting, “Unfortunately, instead of coming together to express our sorrow for Laken’s tragic loss, the majority appears to be exploiting her death for yet another partisan, political stunt.”


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