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In a recent statement, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) called on President Joe Biden to demand a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas during his upcoming State of the Union address.

Citing actions from both sides that he deemed as war crimes, Castro stressed the urgency of the situation. “I believe that Hamas had committed war crimes on Oct. 7. I think it’s become very clear that Israel has now committed war crimes. They are intentionally starving people, and there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who are starving,” Castro said.


The congressman emphasized the critical role of the United States in advocating for human rights and urged the President to take a definitive stance. He added, “The President should absolutely call for a ceasefire tonight. The United States and the President and the Congress are either going to stand up for human rights, what the United States professes to believe in, and we do — or we’re going to stand down and do nothing and let these people starve.” This comes as President Biden faces increasing criticism from his party regarding his handling of the situation in Gaza.

The criticism around Biden’s approach to the war in Gaza has been primarily from the progressive wing of his party, which has been vocal in its demand for a permanent ceasefire. In addition, there is noticeable dissatisfaction among Democratic voters, as seen by the significant number of “uncommitted” votes cast in primary elections in Minnesota and Michigan.


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