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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign has announced that he has officially qualified for the general election ballot in Nevada, marking a significant milestone in the independent presidential candidate’s journey.

In a statement, Kennedy’s campaign said, “Today marks the end of the primary and the beginning of the general election. Nearly 70% of Americans don’t want a Trump/Biden rematch from 2020. They want to vote for someone who represents hope and healing. For someone with an inspiring vision for America.”

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Kennedy’s qualification comes amidst Former President Trump’s significant victories on Super Tuesday, positioning him as the Republican nominee against President Biden. Despite this, Kennedy believes the lack of popularity of both major party candidates opens a viable path for his campaign in the 2024 presidential race. According to his campaign, over 15,000 signatures were collected in Nevada to secure his place on the ballot. Kennedy expressed his eagerness to confront Biden and Trump on critical issues, stating, “I look forward to taking on Presidents Biden and Trump on the issues that matter most to Americans — from making housing and health care affordable to ending the forever wars and unraveling corporate capture of our government.”

Despite trailing both Biden and Trump by more than 25 points in various polling, his campaign is continuing to gain traction. Both Democrats and Republicans have raised concerns regarding Kennedy’s potential impact on the 2024 election. Just recently, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has issued a list of “23 reasons” to oppose Kennedy, attempting to cast him as a “typical Democrat politician.”


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