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President Joe Biden secured victories across most Democratic nominating contests on Super Tuesday, yet faced notable protest votes in Minnesota and six other states, challenging his stance on Israel.

In Minnesota, with 90% of votes tallied, 19% of Democratic voters chose “uncommitted,” signaling opposition to Biden’s support for Israel amidst its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.


A diverse group of voters, including students, suburban women, liberal Jewish activists, and Muslim Americans, participated in this protest. The initiative, which saw over 100,000 participants in Michigan’s primary, highlights widespread discontent with Biden’s foreign policy decisions regarding Israel.

Voices from the Twin Cities, where a significant Somali American community resides, echoed this sentiment. Christian Peterson, a University of Minnesota law student, emphasized the need for Biden to reconsider military aid to Israel. Similarly, Walter Fromm, an activist and member of “Take Action Minnesota,” highlighted the grassroots effort to amplify the uncommitted campaign across key states.

The trend of casting “uncommitted” votes was evident in six additional Super Tuesday states, including Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The level of support for this option varied, reaching up to 12.7% in North Carolina. These votes emerged against the backdrop of the Israeli military’s actions in Gaza, which Palestinian authorities claim have resulted in over 30,000 deaths.


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