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A deadly missile attack by the Houthi rebels struck a merchant ship in the Red Sea, resulting in the loss of three crew members’ lives, as confirmed by the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

The attack targeted the Greek-owned, Barbados-flagged vessel True Confidence, causing it to catch fire near Yemen’s port city of Aden. The Houthis, aligning with Iran, have openly taken responsibility for this attack, which marks the first fatalities in their ongoing assault on one of the world’s crucial maritime trade routes.

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Responding to the incident, Britain’s embassy said the loss of “at least 2 innocent sailors” on X, attributing the tragedy to the Houthis’ “reckless” missile firings at international shipping lanes. CENTCOM said that the strike not only killed three but also injured at least four crew members, while inflicting significant damage on the ship. The vessel has since been left adrift.

The attack has escalated tensions, with Britain and the United States conducting retaliatory strikes against the Houthi forces.


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