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Jimmy Cherizier, the influential Haitian gang leader, has issued a warning that Haiti could be plunged into civil war and face “genocide” if Prime Minister Ariel Henry does not resign.

Cherizier, also known by the nickname Barbecue and a former police officer, criticized the international community’s support for Henry and emphasized the dire consequences of continued political instability. He stated, “If Ariel Henry doesn’t resign, if the international community continues to support him, we’ll be heading straight for a civil war that will lead to genocide.” This threat comes amid escalating violence and gang control over significant portions of Haiti, marking a period of heightened tension and uncertainty.


The country witnessed a surge in gang violence last week, with armed groups coordinating an assault to dethrone the prime minister during his absence. The situation escalated as the Dominican Republic denied landing permission to Henry’s plane, leading him to seek refuge in Puerto Rico. Amidst this chaos, gangs also launched attacks on police forces and facilitated mass prison breaks, further undermining the already fragile country.


Amidst the turmoil, Henry has faced criticism for delaying elections, citing the volatile situation as too dangerous. His call for a UN-backed police mission to stabilize the country has yet to materialize into action.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis has worsened, with thousands fleeing the capital to avoid the violence, leading to significant displacements and food shortages in rural areas.


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