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North Korea has criticized the annual South Korean-US military drills as preparations for an invasion, threatening to respond with “responsible” military actions. This warning comes after the launch of an 11-day series of computer-simulated and field exercises between South Korea and the US, which includes an increased number of field exercises from last year.

The North’s Defense Ministry, through state media, said they, “strongly denounce the reckless military drills of the US and (South Korea) for getting more undisguised in their military threat to a sovereign state and attempt for invading it.”


An unnamed spokesperson from the ministry emphasized North Korea’s vigilance and readiness to undertake military activities to maintain stability on the Korean Peninsula, stating, “continue to watch the adventurist acts of the enemies and conduct responsible military activities to strongly control the unstable security environment on the Korean Peninsula.” Although specific measures were not detailed, some analysts predict North Korea might conduct missile tests or similar actions to reinforce its military capabilities.

In response to these developments, South Korea’s Defense Ministry reiterated the defensive nature of the drills, saying, “South Korea will make an overwhelming response if North Korea launches direct provocations against it during the drills.” Both South Korean and US officials have historically maintained that their major military exercises are not invasion rehearsals. Nevertheless, North Korea has often perceived such drills as threats, sometimes responding with missile launches.


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