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Jack Teixeira, the individual accused of leaking Pentagon documents, entered a guilty plea on Monday for the willful transmission and retention of national security information, agreeing to a potential 16-year prison sentence.

The change in plea occurred in the federal District Court of Massachusetts, following Teixeira’s initial not guilty plea last year. This decision came after his legal team indicated their intention to change his plea through a court filing the previous week.

Jack Teixeira Arrest Fbi Sky 5 Aerial Photo Combo 64389c88be92d

Under the terms of the plea agreement, the US government has agreed not to pursue any additional charges against Teixeira under the Espionage Act. The plea deal stipulates a 16-year imprisonment recommendation by US attorneys, although this is not the final sentence. Teixeira has consented not to appeal any sentence of 16 years or less. Additionally, he faces a $500,000 fine and 36 months of supervised release following his incarceration.

By admitting guilt to all charges, Teixeira is also required to surrender any remaining classified documents in his possession and cooperate with Pentagon and intelligence officials.

This development follows his indictment last year on six counts related to the unauthorized retention and dissemination of classified information. Teixeira’s arrest in April came after he disclosed classified information through social media, leading to widespread online dissemination and significant embarrassment for the US government, particularly regarding sensitive insights into the Russia-Ukraine conflict and strategic global assessments. The incident prompted the Air Force to take disciplinary action against 15 individuals after an investigation highlighted a failure to heed early warnings of Teixeira’s actions.


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