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Jack Teixeira, a 22-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guard member, is set to plead guilty to charges stemming from a significant leak of classified military documents on Discord, marking a major breach of US national security.

The specific charges Teixeira will plead guilty to remain undisclosed, but he originally faced six counts of willful retention and transmission of national defense-related classified information. The breach is considered the most severe since the WikiLeaks publication of over 700,000 documents in 2010. The leaked documents encompassed critical information about US allies and adversaries, highlighting vulnerabilities in Ukraine’s air defenses and operations of Israel’s Mossad.

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In response to the incident, the US Air Force initiated disciplinary actions against 15 personnel implicated in the oversight of the classified information leak. An investigation by the Air Force Inspector General revealed that multiple members of Teixeira’s unit were aware of his suspicious activities but failed to report them adequately.


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