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Congressional lawmakers have unveiled the first six budget bills necessary to prevent a potential government shutdown this coming weekend. These bills cover critical areas of government operation, including military and veterans affairs, agriculture, commerce, energy, water, transportation, and housing.

This 1,050-page appropriations package represents a key step forward in ongoing efforts to finalize a comprehensive budget for the fiscal year, which began on October 1. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer emphasized the achievements of these negotiations, stating, “Throughout the negotiations, Democrats fought hard to protect against cuts to housing and nutrition programs, and keep out harmful provisions that would further restrict access to women’s health, or roll back the progress we’ve made to fight climate change.”

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On the other side, House Speaker Mike Johnson highlighted the conservative victories within the package, saying, “House Republicans secured key conservative policy victories, rejected left-wing proposals, and imposed sharp cuts to agencies and programs critical to President Biden’s agenda.”

As the package moves to the House for a vote, it faces potential opposition from the House Freedom Caucus, known for its stringent stance on budget compromises. Schumer underscored the urgency and necessity of bipartisan cooperation, noting, “The clock is now ticking until government funding runs out this Friday. Between now and the end of the week, the House must quickly pass and send the Senate this bipartisan package… Once again, it will only be bipartisanship that gets us across the finish line.”


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