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A California state judge has tentatively ruled that Tesla must face a class action lawsuit brought by nearly 6,000 Black employees alleging racial discrimination at its Fremont plant.

Judge Noel Wise’s decision comes after allegations of Tesla’s failure to address claims of “rampant” race discrimination and harassment. The lawsuit, spearheaded by Marcus Vaughn, accuses the electric vehicle manufacturer of ignoring complaints of racial slurs, graffiti, and nooses at the workplace.

Lawrence Organ, representing the plaintiffs, expressed encouragement by the ruling, stating, “I think the numerous complaints over time show how Tesla failed to prevent racial harassment of its Black employees.”

Tesla, which has not commented on the tentative ruling, has previously asserted its zero-tolerance policy towards workplace harassment, claiming to have terminated employees found guilty of such misconduct.

The decision to allow the class action to proceed comes as Tesla faces another lawsuit by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a $3.2 million jury verdict in a related racial harassment lawsuit, which Tesla is currently appealing.


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