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During a recent CNN interview, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy conveyed his optimism regarding continued support from the United States following a conversation with House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Zelenskyy shared that Johnson pledged support for Ukraine as efforts persist to finalize a military aid agreement for the nation, which is currently facing scarce munition supplies and Russian troops taking more territory. Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of trust in this partnership, recounting Johnson’s commitment to stand with Ukraine and acknowledging the heroism of its people, soldiers, and civilians alike.


When asked about his confidence in Johnson’s assurances, Zelenskyy expressed optimism, stating his obligation to trust but acknowledging that the true test of that trust lies in the speaker’s actions.

The discussion between Zelensky and Johnson occurred as Ukraine marked two years since the onset of Russia’s invasion, which has seen the country seeking sustained international support. Zelensky also extended his plea for aid to President Biden, urging both American leaders to temporarily set aside partisan politics to facilitate the provision of necessary assistance.

The backdrop to Zelensky’s appeal includes a recent request by President Biden for a significant aid package for Ukraine, part of which provides for military funding. Although the Senate has approved a national security funding package that allocates $60 billion for Ukraine, the House has yet to advance this package to a vote, a step crucial for its implementation.


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