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France’s Foreign Minister, Stephane Sejourne, clarified on Tuesday the nature of potential French involvement in Ukraine, following remarks by President Emmanuel Macron about the possibility of deploying troops.

Sejourne emphasized, “We must consider new actions to support Ukraine. These must respond to very specific needs, I am thinking in particular of mine clearance, cyberdefense, the production of weapons on site, on Ukrainian territory.” He further elaborated that while such support might necessitate French presence on Ukrainian soil, it would not involve engaging in combat operations, aligning with Macron’s stance that “Nothing should be ruled out.”

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President Macron’s initial comments about not dismissing the deployment of European troops to Ukraine, albeit without current consensus, sparked discussions among allies and underscored the need for accelerated munitions delivery to Kyiv.

French diplomatic sources speaking to various outlets suggest Macron’s remarks aimed to ignite debate on the extent of support for Ukraine, despite the absence of immediate plans to send troops. This has led to varied reactions from allies, with several stating their reluctance to commit combat forces to Ukraine.


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