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A Republican National Committee (RNC) member has put forward resolutions aimed at preventing the RNC from covering legal expenses for presidential candidate Donald Trump, sparking discussions on party neutrality and financial responsibilities.

Mississippi RNC committeeman Henry Barbour, who is behind the initiative, stated, “The RNC’s job is to win elections. It’s not to pay the legal bills for any leading candidate. He’s got to fight his own legal fight.” Barbour’s efforts require gathering enough support from other committee members to bring the resolutions to a vote.

Barbour’s proposed resolutions are twofold: one seeks to halt the RNC’s financial support for Trump’s legal fees, and the other insists on the committee’s neutrality in the presidential race until a nominee is officially determined. Despite the uphill battle, Barbour is working to secure two cosponsors from 10 states by a specific deadline, aiming for a full RNC vote possibly in March. However, he anticipates that the measures might face defeat if they manage to reach the voting stage.

This comes as Trump faces extremely high legal fees due to various court proceedings against him. According to a Trump Super PAC, the group has paid over $47 million in legal payments on his behalf in 2023. In addition, Trump’s campaign is also pushing for greater influence over the RNC, proposing significant roles for his close associates, including his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.


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