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The United States and South Korea conducted a joint missile interception drill using advanced stealth fighters over the Korean Peninsula. This exercise comes as a direct response to North Korea’s increased missile testing activities this year, which have included six rounds of missile tests, many involving cruise missiles designed to elude missile defenses.

The drill, which took place on Friday, showcased the deployment of fifth-generation stealth F-35A fighter jets from both nations, alongside other South Korean fighter jets. The US F-35As were specifically deployed to South Korea from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, as part of the exercise.


The exercises follow a G20 meeting in Rio De Janeiro, where top diplomats from South Korea, the US, and Japan agreed to enhance their collaborative response to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. These include efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear program financing.

Despite putting pressure on North Korea, primarily through sanctions, the country continues to advance its nuclear program and increase wartime rhetoric towards the United States and South Korea. In response to the rhetoric, the US & South Korea have warned that any nuclear aggression by North Korea would result in the end of the North Korean government.


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