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The United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council draft resolution that called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, opting instead for a proposal that links a ceasefire to the release of hostages.

This marks the third US veto against resolutions related to the ongoing conflict since October 7, despite the draft receiving broad support from thirteen council members, with only Britain abstaining.


Algeria’s UN Ambassador Amar Bendjama, advocating for the resolution, stated, “A vote in favor of this draft resolution is support to the Palestinian’s right to life. Conversely, voting against it implies an endorsement of the brutal violence and collective punishment inflicted upon them.” In contrast, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield expressed concerns that an unconditional ceasefire might jeopardize delicate negotiations. She argued, “Any action this council takes right now should help, not hinder these sensitive, and ongoing negotiations. And we believe that the resolution on the table right now would, in fact, negatively impact those negotiations.”

Further elaborating on the US position, Thomas-Greenfield highlighted that “Demanding an immediate, unconditional ceasefire without an agreement requiring Hamas to release the hostages will not bring about a durable peace. Instead, it could extend the fighting between Hamas and Israel.” The vetoed resolution did not tie the ceasefire to the hostages’ release, a point of contention for the US, which has since proposed a rival resolution advocating for a temporary ceasefire contingent upon hostage release and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

This comes as President Biden’s call for a “temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as practicable, based on the formula of all hostages being released.”


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