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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has announced plans to increase the state’s National Guard presence in Texas to help manage illegal border crossings.

During a briefing on Tuesday, Kemp emphasized the national scope of the border crisis and criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the situation, stating, “To be clear, the crisis on the border is a national problem and it demands a national solution. But if the Biden administration continues to fail the American people, then we have no choice, no choice but to step in.”

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Kemp detailed that the additional Georgia National Guard troops, including those skilled in engineering, mechanics, and general tasks, will support the construction of a command post at the US-Mexico border this spring. This deployment builds on Georgia’s ongoing border support, initiated in 2019, with 29 members currently engaged in missions like aerial surveillance.

Criticizing the federal response to the border crisis, Kemp argued that the issue transcends partisan politics and represents both a public safety and humanitarian dilemma. “This is a public safety and humanitarian crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failure to act,” Kemp declared, asserting Georgia’s proactive stance in contrast to the perceived inaction at the federal level.

This move aligns with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ongoing efforts to “secure the Texas border,” which recently included a legal battle over the state’s authority to erect barriers, a measure Abbott defends as critical for state security.


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